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Data center basically is a technological data service area including computer systems and telecommunication. The service area also called data center, server rooms or system rooms. The technological system are located in the data center. The data center also has many features including data connectors, air conditioning systems used for cooling, security systems.

The data center requires a balanced investment as the facility and the equipment. A suitable data center places must be created for quality data centers for the installation of equipment.
In order to modernize the center and to increase performance of data center, new data technology equipment and capabilities need to be revised essentially.
In recent years, important advantages in the data center has been demands of the companies increasing.

There are many important benefits of data center;
Hosting; server and data storage
Co-location; Establishment of data information technology systems in the data center and using the physical infrastructure and network infrastructure of the data center is another essential features of the data center.
Dedicated hosting; In many country, hosting technology services are evaluated as a priority. There are also many studies are carried out in order to increase the data center. Unfortunately, in order to increase these studies, companies need to more electricity for working more effectively.
Since the operational problems of data center operators, high investment and operational cost items of services, can create risks due to legal processes, the following issues become very important;
data center location and facilities, data center financial status, flexibility and growth capacities,i nstallation processes, uptime rates and reliability
Customer support services, power use and energy efficiency

What is Co-location?

What is Co-location?

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What is Co-location?   Co-location is a hosting type that you can have a server including safely, cabin, electrical energy, private internet connection, security and support. Co-location; the server hosting...