What is Cloud VDR? – Detailed Review of the VDR for 2019

What is Cloud VDR? – Detailed Review of the VDR for 2019

Cloud VDR is a Virtual Data Room Solution 

Cloud VDR is a technologic solution and It guarantees full security of collected information by virtual data room providing repositories, including user groups and their role in the M&A process;

Cloud VDR is also an ideal solution for developers

The law imposes on companies building and selling apartments and houses the obligation to familiarize potential buyers with the legal status of the investment. Cloud VDR is an ideal tool for publishing legal, financial and architectural information at every stage of building and selling real estate.

Cloud VDR is the ideal way to share limited technical documentation

The system is ideal for knowledge management in strictly limited, specialized groups of users. Where, in addition to quick access to information, the confidentiality of data is also important.

Functions of the Cloud VDR 

  • Access via any web browser
  • Document search with full-text search support
  • Ability to add your own annotations (selection, comment, strike-through) on the document preview
  • The ability to add entire repositories as a single file
  • Speed ​​of operation independent of the type of repository
  • Encrypting connections using SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
  • A comprehensive system of permissions
  • E-mail and system notifications about new documents
  • Professional document viewer
  • Option to restrict access for a specific pool of IP addresses
  • The possibility of broadcasting any watermarks
  • Interface in Polish and English
  • The ability to browse the repository in the form of a list or tree structure
  • Adding documents to the clipboard
  • Help function for users

there are many cloud vdr.

What is Cloud VDR?

The most important information about the system

Cloud VDR is a Virtual Data Room software available through a web browser, through which authorized users get access to a specific document repository. It enables the addition, cataloging and sharing of confidential electronic documents to advisers and / or potential investors in a secure and controlled, and above all a simple and intuitive way.

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All users of the Cloud VDR system receive access to documents in the same place and in the same version, of course including resource rights.

It’s all you need is a computer or tablet, a web browser and access to the Internet.

Why is it worth using Cloud VDR in Due Diligence processes?

Cloud VDR is primarily a time and cost saving of the Due Diligence process – the audit takes place not in the headquarters of the company / law firm but in front of the computer screen, taking into account the security of all parties to the transaction. It’s also an intuitive and user-friendly administrator and user interface, any period of application sharing, unlimited users and full control over the process of sharing documents. And all at a competitive price.

M & A transaction support

Cloud VDR can be used in the process of pre-investment analysis of enterprises and is an alternative to traditional data rooms used during the Due Diligence study. It was mainly used by our clients in the Due Diligence process, but it will be perfectly suited to any process where electronic documents should be made available in a secure and controlled way to persons located in any location with access to the Internet.

Document scanning

As part of a comprehensive service, we also offer digitalization (scanning) of documents. The process takes place at the headquarters of our partner company, in accordance with the implemented and applied information security policy. All documents are stored and scanned in monitored rooms, to which only authorized employees have access. On special request, in order to ensure the highest level of security of your documents, the scan can be carried out at the premises of your company.

Repository administration

As part of the Cloud VDR system sharing service, we offer full administration of the electronic document repository in accordance with your guidelines. The scope of administrative work includes, among others: introduction to the system of document structure, introduction of electronic document files, introduction of user groups and lists, authorization management, security checks, as well as technical and service support in the 24/7 period in the period of VDR operation.