Detailed Definition of the Data Center Infrastructure

Detailed Definition of the Data Center Infrastructure

Data Center Infrastructure

For infrastructure, data centers require 24/7 active work. Besides, data centers are seen as a way to stand out in the competition. Technologies necessary  such as speed, efficiency, flexibility and scalability, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data (Big Data) are critical to step forward in data centers to meet connectivity and information processing demands.

Because it prove data center companies confidence for customers.  Also, BK System provides the discovery, project, standards and information needed to make better decisions in the design of data centers in line with this importance and customer demands. Critical point is customers.

In data center BK System, planning the data center and design from the beginning, in the right order and standards, ensures the projects to progress smoothly and to meet the cost and technology expectations.

BK System also reduces the planning and design errors and prevents delay, cost overruns, wasting time which is very important for the projects and, as a result, the healthy progress of the project. In this context, data center infrastructure products in cooperation with the highest level manufacturers in the industry by meeting the demands of its customers.

BK System uses world standards in data center titles by taking advantage of international standards such as ANSI / TIA 942, ANSI / BICSI 002, ASHRAE TC9.9 and IEEE in data center design and planning.