How to Data Center Installation and Design?

How to Data Center Installation and Design?

How to data center installation and design?


Data center installation and design include many data disciplines. Therefore, today we will basically mention how to data center installation and design. Firstly, data center providers should determine costumer’s wishes like service level. Besides, it is important how and whom will be given the data center service?

The data center design must be set by professional data center providers after the design process is determined with costumer. Besides, there are also international standards for data center. These are TI 1 – TI 2 – TI 3 and TI 4. However, Data center providers use mostly TI 3 and TI 4. Therefore data center providers aim to transfer %99,99.5 from the TI 3 and TI 4.

One of the things that are intended by data center providers is to aim uninterrupted work of the servers. TI 4 is also calculation some up-time data, such as %99,99,5 like we say. Because now the most effective TI is TI 4.

This is an approximately max 1 hour interruption in a year for transferring %99,99.5. However, the most important problem here is to eliminate the downtime in case of malfunction. You can now switch to design after these criteria have been created.

The most important issue is white space in the concept design. It’s mean is planning of network rooms and settlement planning of the data center for installation. In other words,

Layout planning of fire rooms, planning of electrical rooms is important issue for data center installation. The most important issue after that is to share and evaluate of the work shop with the customers. Therefore, this is a very crucial point, because the long-term emergency strategies of the customers are discussed in detailed meeting and the design is evaluated accordingly. Besides, the necessary data center corrections are made with the necessary issue with a meeting.

In the data center installation, increasing capacity and technology changes are taken into consideration in the meeting. Besides, the possible changes in the structure of business are taken into meeting.

After all of them, data center provider does concept design tuning and the provider start to detailed data center design. Here, one of the most important issues is generator types will distribute the data load. UPS systems is a preference for data center providers. In addition, CPU systems are preferred. Besides, Fire systems are determined which gassy systems are determined by network infrastructure and network manufacturers. Finally, these measurements create the technical specifications directly. Therefore the design process ends here.


How to Virtual Data Room Design and Usage


Here, virtual data room providers need to be very careful when they design the VDR. In particular, interface of the VDR will make the virtual data room design complex. Therefore, it should be designed with the principle of simplicity. Besides, Virtual data room personals should be able to use comfortably when they use virtual data room. Also, Audit reports should always be available for costumers.

There should also be no data room system that stops or slows down the virtual data room usage. In this way, you can get more accurate results  from operating systems. At the same time, it is very important that you get support with 7/24 service support. 

The virtual data room already has a high data room capability in general terms. In terms of your preferences, you are able to make your direction according to your wishes. Therefore, you have the opportunity to use this virtual data room technology for yourself in the most appropriate way with quality data room providers as a costumer. In the meantime, as we have just mentioned, it is seen as a data room that companies have recently preferred and kept in the forefront.

For this reason, virtual data room should be preferred with transportation systems of companies and easy operation systems.