What is Data Center? Top Detailed Examination for 2019

What is Data Center? Top Detailed Examination for 2019

What is Data Center?


Data center is the server repository where high-end technologies are used, including hosting and server types. The most important task of data centers is to store, organize, use and back up information on a regular basis. Besides it also we will give you information about what is data center, how to install data center, importance of data center and data center infrastructure.

Data center can be shareable or non-shareable. For example, non-shareable data centers are data centers that have been set up for only one service. All of the data centers owned by companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple are non-shareable data centers.

Besides, the data centers offer only a specific purpose and service for the company itself. its security are very important for providers. Therefore data center accessing is done through the protocols permissions. The shared data centers are the data centers that are responsible for the operation of these servers, including the servers of their own servers and other services.

You look for a less cost-effective way to host your websites but  you can found the solution to set up your own server.  In this case, it is not possible to host the server with the conditions that you will provide in the home.

It will be costly and hard to work, even if you force the conditions and host them. In such cases, you can negotiate with a data center provider to provide a data center server. As a result, you can save more money and work with a data center provider that is sure to get rid of all the costs associated with hosting your server.

There are generally two data center;


Data centers are generally divided into two categories;

  • Private data center: used in the company’s own service. It only serves the company, it contains the data.
  • Internet data center: Serves third parties. Main services provided by the Internet data center; is called co-location and hosting.

Electrical, mechanical and security systems vary according to the importance of the data processed and stored in data centers.

Data Center Installation


Such data centers are built with very large investments and strong support systems. For example, data centers are equipped with advanced air conditioning and air control systems to provide the ideal temperature for all servers. Besides, advanced fire extinguishing and smoking detection are also located in servers. In possible natural disaster, the data center can save your data informations.

The internet connections used by the data centers also have special internet cables. As you can understand from these few simple examples, data centers are created by the implementation of many other standards and they are ready for use after certification processes.


TIA-942 Data Center for Telecommunication Infrastructure Standard ’for data centers 4 are made in different classifications;

  • Tier 1: Data centers serving small businesses. Computer systems, electrical, mechanical installations are without backup.
  • Tier 2: It contains partial redundancy in energy and cooling systems. The generator can withstand a 24-hour power failure.
  •  Tier 3: Includes redundant power supply. It includes replacement energy and cooling systems. It also includes backup service providers. Besides, it can withstand an interruption of 72 hours.
  • Tier 4: All Tier 3 criteria are met in Tier 4. In addition, it can withstand 96 hours of interruption. There is a staff team working 24/7. The location is very strict in the selection, high security measures were taken.