Detailed Introducting of The Data Center Mural Project

Detailed Introducting of The Data Center Mural Project

The Data Center Mural Project


People are sending billions of requests to the internet all day, every day. Also, the requests are traveling across oceans, through cities through cables, across the airwaves but they are all ending up in physical locations called data centers.

Google’s data center currently are processing over 30 billion queries a day and people know it wasn’t very long ago that was measured in the thousands. The first production servers that Google used were made up of just the computer boards that were needed.

The Data Center Mural Project poster

Some hard disk drivers to store the information and google data center team put it on a cork board. They were kind of sagging in the middle because the cork board started sagging over time. Therefore, google data center changed and made it a little bit more industrialized.

The cork board servers were a way of testing out ideas in engineering about how to build more efficient servers. Not only do google data canter team want to create the world’s most efficient data centers but also they want to power them with renewable energy to the greatest extent possible.

The team constantly challenging what the team’s think is the right answer today so that the team will have the capacity and the team also will have google’s technology available so that everyone can use it.