Facebook Data Center – Importance for Facebook Company

Facebook Data Center – Importance for Facebook Company

Facebook Data Center


First of all, Facebook decided to build a new data center. The company has prefer near the North Pole in order to increase the performance of the site for European users. In addition, the results of this data center cost is around 750 million Dollars. However, it is only predict. Authors has located the Facebook data center to Lulea which is a city of the Sweden. Because the city is very cold. The temperatures in this region rarely reach 25 degrees Celsius during the summer months.

This data center is the size of six football fields. Also, these fans are also equipped with huge-sized fans and transferring the outside cold air to a center. The huge fans allow the thousands of servers in the corridors to keep them cold.

In the winter season when the air drops to minus 30 degrees, the system is reversing the Facebook data center was opened in 2013. It is also the first data center outside of the United States. There are about 150 Facebook data center workers. The reason why the corridors appear to be empty is because of the Simplified Structure, it deals with a single technician with every 25000 servers.

Facebook data room area is so large that employees use Scooters for transportation. Authors of Facebook data room design the data center such a highly simplified  that the data center workers intervenes and repairs highly energy-friendly designed servers. There is nothing in the corridors that prevents the road from being built.