Flexential Data Center – Examination of Flexential Data Center

Flexential Data Center – Examination of Flexential Data Center

Flexential Data Center Examination


Businesses are on a journey of transforming their IT. Flexential has helped more than 4,000 organization optimizer. IT infrastructure what solution spanning co-location interconnection Cloud managed Solutions and Professional Services while balancing cost scalability and security. 

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Let’s take a look at how Flexential data center solutions out of our industry-leading data centers. To ensure the security of our customer environments, Flexential data centers provide six zone system that is world class. Flexiental’s security personals are on-site 24/7 to Monitor and manage secure customer access and maintain stringent security policies.

Providing a comfortable work environment is a top priority. Enjoy refreshments and our cyber cafe and reserve meeting space in one of Flexential’s many conference rooms.  Besides, Flexential’s many conference rooms, on-site data center managers and staff are always available to support any specific request Flexential’s data centers.

Flexential data center are built to support high power densities provide exceptional cooling and efficiency and deliver maximum space flexibility. Flexential customers can count on %100 service level agreement for network services power and cooling. In addition, Flexential data center have colocation and cloud deployments. Also, with multiple industry standards, The data center company provide installation project management to ensure smooth and rapid deployment of customers environment. Technical staff of the Flexential is always on-site to meet customers specific needs.

Diverse redundant MeetMe rooms of the Flexential provide access to IP bandwidth with built-in DDoS scrubbing the Flex central core nationwide 100 gigabit network. Connectivity to our other data cents access to off-site location and unwraps to hyper scale cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure.

The flux central fault tolerant power systems protects and workloads against power fluctuations, outages and avoids the need to schedule power system shutdowns to perform maintenance. Flexential proprietary cooling systems deliver up to 6,000 tons of cooling capacity. Besides, the company can scale to support power densities of over 1,500 watts per square foot. In addition, our 24/7 on-site Network Operation Center provides expert care through ongoing proactive monitoring and support.

No matter where you are on your IT transformation journey. Because Flexential meet customers there and take your business where it needs to go.  Also, to get started with Flexential; These reasons can be a reason to choose the Flexential data center.