Google Data Center Review for 2019

Google Data Center Review for 2019

Google Data Center

It’s a giant building with a lot of power A lot of cooling and a lot of data center. Google data center offer a level of security that almost no other company can match. Also, data center of the amazing company have an information security team and it is truly second to none. Besides, authors think that they wrote the book on that. Because there are many of google data center information security team members who really have written the books on best practices in information security. Protecting the security and the privacy of google’s user’s information is google’s foremost design criterion.

Google data center use various layers of higher-level security the closer into the center of the campus you get. Therefore, customers just to enter the campus but you had to be a pre-authorized access list. Then, to come into the building, that was another level of security. Also, to get into the google secure corridor that leads to the data center, that’s a higher level of security. The data center and the networking rooms have the highest level of security.

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Technologies of the google data center are different. For instance, google’s highest-level areas google’s even use underfloor intrusion detection via laser beams. To access the data center, security person use a bio-metric iris scanner to verify that it truly. Because security is so important for data centers.

Floor of the google data center is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, Google runs the data centers warmer that most because it helps with the efficiency. Also the data center have overhead power distribution. Coming from the yard outside, data center team bring in the high-voltage power distributed across the bus bars to all of the customized bus taps that are basically plugs, where data team team plug in all the extension cords.

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All of google data center’s racks don’t really look like a traditional server rack. These are custom designed and built for Google thus team can optimize the servers for hyper-efficiency and high-performance computing.

It is true that sometimes drives fail therefore data center team have to replace them to upgrade them. Because, they are no longer efficient to run.  The team have a very thorough end-to-end chain of custody process for managing those drives from the time that they are checked out from the server till they are brought to an ultra-secure cage. As a result of, these are erased and crushed if necessary.

Any drive that can’t be verified as 100% clean, google data center team crush it first and then the team take it to an industrial wood clipper, where it’s shredded into these little pieces like this. Also Google change the data center cooling technologies at least five times.

Most data centers have air-conditioning units along the perimeter walls that force cold air under the floor. It then rises up in front of the servers and cools the servers. With Google solution, Google data center take the server racks and the data center right up against data center’s air-conditioning unit.

The data center team use cool water flowing through those copper coils. So the hot air from the servers is contained in that hot aisle. And it rises up, passes across those coils where the heat from the air transfers to the water in the coils. Afterward, the warm water is then brought outside the data center to cooling plant, where it is cooled down through cooling towers and returned to the data center. And that process is just repeated over and over again. Data center of the Google is the pace of innovation and always challenging the way the team are doing things. So when people say that innovation in a certain area is done.