What is Qualitative Data Analysis?

What is Qualitative Data Analysis?

Qualitative Data analysis


Qualitative data are all kinds of information that is obtained through various techniques such as observation, in natural environment, for specific purposes and which includes the perceptions and thoughts of individuals about events.

As a different means of quantitative research definition, the researcher aims to present a descriptive and realistic picture to the reader about the subject being researched with qualitative data research. Therefore, it has an essential importance that the qualitative data has a detailed and specific depth. 


What is Qualitative data analysis? 


Qualitative data analysis is a process that the researcher carries data synthesize which variables to discover and what information to reflect on the report. In other words, the researcher analyzing the data tries to discover and appear information that collected and stored hidden information. 


Qualitative data analysis software


In the qualitative studies in the analysis process the collected data is processed, are visualized and confirmed by subtracting the results. Besides, during data processing, the data is encoded and themes are created. It is then visualized with tools such as tables and graphics, and finally, conceptsthemes and relations are interpreted and approved.

This process doesn’t change even if a researcher uses the qualitative data analysis software. Also researcher performs all kinds of processes himself. In this process, it is up to the researcher to ask whether or not to use the software and this issue is highly debated.

There are no mutual ideas of the the qualitative analysis although technological data analysis software is used. The software used in qualitative analysis is called as Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS).



In generalsuch qualitative data analysis software is a special-purpose computer software used to organize the data collected by various methods such as observation, report, and document review. Conclusion As a result, the data analysis want to keep the human in the center.

The purpose of the qualitative data analysis is bigger than quantitative data analysis differentiate. The aim of the cool data analysis is to appear the information that examined social reality depth. Multiple data collection techniques in this interaction process and information with similar features collected in the data are categorized in its same category.